Supervisors: Dr. Eric Braude

The visualization of evolving software design is as important as ever, and UML should be an effective means for this; however, the overwhelming tangle of traditional whole-UML has turned out to be impractical for the development of realistically-sized applications. We have developed a UML form called RUML (Rectangular UML) that addresses this. RUML formats class models, use cases, and sequence diagrams for evolving applications at scale on a single spreadsheet. Its compactness and standardized format promote unified overviews, selective focus, and continuous use-case-to-code round-trip engineering.

Except for small portions, the software industry rarely uses classical UML for large-scale applications due to its complexity. Utilizing a large existing open source application, we demonstrate the advantages of RUML for large-scale applications. We have also developed a tool to create RUML from source code, known as GRUML.

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