Software engineer by day and biryani hogger by night.

I like to read and write every now and then. Need a daily dose of music. Need soccer (Visca el Barça, #GGMU), cricket, working-out, meditation, and long-walks for survival. Always down for a good conversation, and can talk at length about anything ranging from startups, Bollywood to politics and crypto.

Currently, I am working on graph storage infrastructure at Twitter to build scalable platform for the product.

Previously, I worked at RedHat, Boston University, Atlan, Wingify, University of Manchester, University of Liverpool, Commutatus, and LeagueSX.

I graduated from Boston University(2021) in Master's of Science in Computer Science, from VIT (2018) in Bachelor's of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.

Currently living in Seattle via BOS<-DEL<-MAA<-LKO<-LMP.

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